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Multi-dimensional marine charts take the boating experience to a whole new level. With Satellite Overlay, 3D View, Port Photos, SonarCharts™ and Community Edits, Platinum+ offers innovative features and a perspective well beyond those available from traditional charts.

You can conveniently reference embedded Coast Pilot and points of interest and view harbors, marina entrances, and surrounding topography while underway.

Platinum+ charts are eligible for Freshest Data daily updates and are available in two sizes: XL3 and XL.
For a full list of compatible plotters check EMEA/APAC (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia) I Americas

Platinum+ XL EUROPE
Map Code Coverage Detail
5P158XL BAY OF BISCAY/SPAIN Brest to Vigo including, Belle Ile, Nantes, I Doleron, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Bermeo, Suances, Gijon, C.Ortegal, La Coruna, Rianjo.
5P159XL PORTUGAL TO AZORES Vigo To Strait of Gibraltar including Porto, Aveiro, Peniche, Lisboa, Lagos, Sevilla. Marocco up to Sahara Including Casablanca. Madeira, Arquipelago dos Acores and Canarias Is.
5P253XL BLACK SEA* Istanbul, Burgas, Odessa, Crimea, Sea Of Azov, Tuapse, Sukhumi, Rize, Samsun, Sinop, Amasra, Dnieper river.
5P268XL NORTH AEGEAN SEA Istanbul, Sea of Marmara, Thasos, Limnos, Lesvos, Khios, Izmir, Samos, Ikaria, Tinos, Andros, Athinai, Evvoia, Skiros, Alonnisos Skiathos, Pegasitikos Kolpos, Thermaikos Kolpos.
5P269XL MEDITERRANEAN SOUTH EAST South Turkey up to Libya including Rhodos Cyprus and Suez Canal.
5P270XL SOUTH AEGEAN SEA Kerkira (Corfu) to Rhodos including Peloponnisos, Athens and Khios.
5P271XL ADRIATIC SEA Adriatic Sea to Sarande Bay and Castro. Including Gulf of Manfredona and Brac, Hvar, Lastovo, Mljet, Svetac, Krk, Cres, Rab, Pag Olib, Molat, Islands.Dugi
5P272XL CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN Durres to Kefalonia Island. Barletta to Amantea in Southern Italy Including Sicily, Malta, Pantelleria and South Sardinia Islands. Jijel to Misurata and Ionian Sea.
5P273XL TYRRENIAN SEA Ligurian Sea to Sicily including Corse and Sardinia.
5P274XL MEDITERRANEAN NORTH WEST Ligurian Sea to Baleares Is., including Genova, Marseille, Barcelona and Valencia.
5P275XL MEDITERRANEAN SOUTH WEST Barcelona to Strait of Gibraltar including Baleeira, Huelva, Baleares Is Andtabarca to Casablanca.
5P391XL STRAIT OF DOVER Boston to Shoreham and Amsterdam to Le Havre.
5P392XL ENGLISH CHANNEL Padstow to Walton-on-the-Naze, The Scillies, Portsall to Fecamp, River Thames, Dover, Calais and Boulogne- Sur-Mer.
5P393XL IRISH SEA Dursey Island to Knocklayd in Ireland, Peninsula of Kintyre, Isle of Man, West coast of England, Kirkcudbright to Girvan in Scotland.
5P394XL IRELAND Port Ellen to Isle of Arran and Ireland.
5P396XL SCOTLAND WEST Lochinver to Ayr, St Kilda and Boreray, The Hebrides and Northern Ireland.
5P397XL EASTERN UK Shetlands and Orkneys to Great Yarmouth
5P398XL HAMBURG/DUNKERQUE Gelting to Kleverberg and Rendsburg, Hornum to Dunkerque, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpen.
5P399XL GERMANY WEST/DENMARK WEST Oster_Hurup to Frederikshavn and Laeso, Skagen to Delfzijl and Papenburg.
5P400XL STOCKHOLM TO AHUS Kristianstad to Norrtalje, Oland Is. and Gotland Is., Stockholm included.
5P403XL NORTHERN NORWAY North Hinnoey to Varangerfjorden. Including Mageroy, Soroya, Arnoy, Senja.
5P404XL ESTONIA TO POLAND Rugen in Germany to Kunda Laht in Estonia and Kaseberga to Kivik in Sweden. Including Bornholm, Gotland, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Berlin Lakes.
5P405XL GULF OF FINLAND Salo to Loviisa and Helsinki, Sankt Petersburg to Virtsu, Tallin, Hiiumaa and Peipsi Lake.
5P406XL GUSTAVSVIK/AALAND I. Gustavsvik to Stockholm and Aaland I. Including Storsjon, Revsundssjon, Bergviken, Gysinge Lakes.
5P407XL SWEDISH LAKES** Oregrund to Arkosund, Stockholm to Gothenburg and Swedish Lakes. Including Gysinge, Sommen Lakes.
5P409XL BERGEN TO ARENDAL Bulandet to Arendal including Bergen, Ulvik, Stord.
5P410XL SKAGERRAK Goteborg to Oslo to Flekkefjorden and Aalborg to Thyboron. Including Laeso, Anholt, Lake Mjosa.
5P411XL GULF OF BOTHNIA Vaasa to Tornio and Karlsborg to Gustavsvik. Including Tjeggelvas, Hornavan, Uddjaure, Storavan Lakes.
5P412XL KASKO TO VORMSI Kasko to Hanko, Salo, Turku, and Aaland I. Including Hiiumaa North, Vormsi.
5P413XL KRISTIANSUND TO BERGEN Sveggesundet to Stor, Nordfjord, Foerejorden, Dalsjorden, Bergen.
5P414XL NESNA TO SMOELA Vega, Roervik, Namsos, Froan, Froeya.
5P415XL RINGVASSOEY TO NESNA Senja, Langoya, Roest, Narvik, Bodoe.
5P416XL ICELAND TO FAEROE I.* Iceland, Faeroe, Shetland Is., Orkney Is.
5P417XL GERMANY E./SWEDEN S. Aero to Kiel, Rostok, Stralsund to Rug
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