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Manufacturer: LONAKO
LNK-WL-RGW is constituted by 112.5°red light on left,112.5°green light on right, 135°white light. There are total7kinds of the function sequenced as: 360° white four flashinglight – 360°tri-color steady light- 250°red and green steady light– 360°white single light - 360° white SOS light - 360° whitesteady light – OFF. LNK-WL-RGW can be used as additional navigation light,indicating light of ship, yacht and building, alarm light of yacht,anchor light of ship in the sea and SOS light and so on. So theusers can change its function according to the differentenvironments. Please note that LNK-WL-RGW cannot be used toreplace the standard navigation light.
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