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10,460.00 AED
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Manufacturer: HUMMINBIRD
4 KW Radar Rugged, 21-inch radome easily connects to your Humminbird® Ethernet Network. Up to 4kW transmit power delivers accurate target detection Adjustable VRM and EBL functions provide precise range and bearing by Text-Enhance">information for any target. Shaded target intensity helps users judge weather severity and differentiante between large and small vessels. Also available in a 12 inch 2kW model. For Use with 1198c SI 1158c 998c HD SI 998c SI 958c HD 958c 958c HD DI 958c DI 898c HD SI 898c SI 858c HD 858c 858c HD DI 858c DI   Make this dependable, 21-inch enclosed radome part of our Humminbird Ethernet Network. 4 kW transmit power 9410 +/- 30MHz transmit frequency 4° horizontal beamwidth - 25° vertical beamwidth 24 rpm rotation Better than -20dB sidelobes 9"H, 20"Dia, 18 lbs  
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