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Xtreme Pro Series -XP8

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Manufacturer: OceanLED
FEATURES: 60° Side Beam Angle. 60° Top Beam Angle. Up to 2300 Fixture Lumens. Circular Beam. Compact and simple design. Simple to install. Easy to clean. Fish-Strobe Mode. Active Thermal Control. TECHNICAL: Lumens: 2900. Fixture Lumens: 2300. Typical LED life expectancy: 40,000+ Hours. Minimum-Maximum operating voltage DC: 9-32V DC. Current / Amp draw (DC) (Amperage draw for Colours models vary by colour selected, this is the maximum): 12V DC 1.65A 24V DC 0.75A. Approx. light penetration (avg. water quality): 26' (8m). Approx. Light penetration (perfect water quality): up to 72' (21+m). Driver Type: Internal
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