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The Characteristice of flexible Electronic Clutch pump
- Suitability for bliage under ship and deck cleaning and fighting the fire
- Easiness to operate the pump installing the switch inside of the ship and wheelhouse
- uses the electronic clutch pump at the voltage of from 12 to 24.
- Simplicity to install and operate because of the unnecessariness of depleting the air and filling out the water.
- Easiness to change the parts. Impeller can easily be changed by the unting the front cover.
- Possibility of lashing and backlashing
- Can be used as multi-functional pump which can carry the high viscosity of fluid, solid body, and sludge/slurry
- Selective installation of the rubber impellers between CR rubber which has strong durability and intensity and NBR 
   rubber which has strong anti-oil nature.
Usage of the flexible electronic clutch pump : For ship ( Bilge under the ship , deck cleaning, Fighting the fire)

Body / Housing FCD / Bronze Ports 1-1/2”(40mm) PIPE
Driven Type Electro-Magnetic Clutch Impeller 003-0901
Pulley 6” Seal Mechanical Seal(DJ-MS025)
Clutch 24V Weight 8.6 Kg
Shaft Stainless Steel Application JAPAN / KOSHIN MFC-40S
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