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Your best partner in marine technology!

The Company


Prince Trading Co. (LLC) started in 1997 servicing the maritime industry. The company has already built a reputation which aims to be the best partner in marine technology. Prince Trading Co. (LLC) has been known for providing good customer service satisfaction from pre-sale to after sale product. The company includes to offering its products at globally competitive price to boost the market in neighboring countries.


Mr. Hamid Imani has an extensive experience in sales, marketing, and management.  He is the founder of the company.  His passion in marine gave him the idea to bring all together the internationally acclaimed marine brands and continuously searching for a reliable product. 

Mission and Vision


• To build a long term relationship with our customers and provide exceptional customer services from pre-sale to after sale service by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

• To be the best partner in marine technology in every possible way.

• To provide quality services that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed customer.

• To help our customer to find most reliable product.

Products and Services


Prince Trading Co. (LLC) offers a broad range of marine supplies and equipment, all from high quality brands. The company caters to all of its customers by providing them a reliable and suitable products recommended by our technical engineer to suit their requirement, down to smallest detail. 


The company provides mostly products accredited by Safety of Life at SEA (SOLAS) manufactured and imported from US, Europe, Australia and Asian countries. 


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